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Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles of Minteo. We believe that users and stakeholders have the right to know how their assets are managed, how decisions are made, and what measures are in place to ensure the stability and reliability of our stablecoin. In this section, we'll delve deeper into these core principles.

Our Commitment

We understand that trust is earned through openness and honesty. We embrace criticism and maintain open communication channels with our clients and community. This along with regular updates, announcements, and social media presence provide opportunities to stay informed and engage with us directly. Your opinions matter and help us shape the future of Minteo and COPM.

Regular Reporting

Transparency is not a static concept, it requires an ongoing effort. We provide regular reports on the following:

  • Reserve holdings: Detailed information about the assets held in reserve to back COPM. These reports include a detailed breakdown of our reserves, including where and how they are kept. We partner with trustworthy external auditors such as BDO.
  • Smart contract audits: We have partnered with multiple third party auditing firms such as Hacken and Cyberscope, and make their reports available to you.

Smart Contract Audits

Reserves Audits