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Security Measures

We have established and follow robust security protocols, practices and strategies in order to safeguard customer funds and sensitive data.

Security Protocols


To secure all sensitive data, we implement industry-standard encryption. This ensures that information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by confirming the identity of users through something they know and use regularly -a password or an OTP sent to their email-, and something they have -a second OTP generated on an authenticator app or device. Hence, we enforce the use of 2FA to our customers, as well as internally.

Continuous Monitoring

We maintain continuous monitoring of our systems, processes, and smart contract infrastucture, to detect and respond to any potential security issues promptly.

Blockchain security

Third-party audits

Security and reliability is a must for our smart contract technology. To ensure this, we follow industry best practices and use battle tested standards. We also engage with reputable third-party blockchain security firms to conduct audits to our smart contracts, and in the case of upgrades, they are also audited. The results of these audits are made public the community and our clients, and can be found in the transparency section.

Multisig wallets

All of the sensitive operations in our contracts, such as minting, freezing, pausing, or upgrading the contracts have restricted access and must be performed through the use of Multisig technology. This approach mitigates the risk of unauthorized access, fraud, and single points of failure.