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Blockchain Technology

Blockchains and smart contracts play a pivotal role in the COPM ecosystem. In this section we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding on how we use blockchain technology, including its architecture, functionalities, and security measures, which are designed to be adaptable to multiple blockchain environments.

By adopting blockchain-agnostic smart contract practices with composability in mind, we aim to ensure the security, reliability, and transparency of the COPM ecosystem across various blockchain platforms while fostering seamless integration with legacy systems and DeFi protocols.


Blockchain Agnosticism

COPM is designed to be blockchain-agnostic, allowing us and our users to operate seamlessly on various blockchain networks. By this design choice we ensure broader accessibility and adaptability for us and our clients.

Adherence to Industry Standards and Composability

We adhere to widely known and accepted token standards for the design of COPM. In the case of Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains such as Polygon, we implement the ERC20 token standard. In a similar manner, we adhere to the SPL token standard for the Solana blockchain. By adhering to standards, we ensure easy composability in the different blockchain ecosystems, and protocols.

Technical Details of the Smart contracts

Open source

The smart contract source code for COPM is open source and easily accessible on various blockchain explorers. This transparency allows users, developers, and auditors to review the code for functionality and security. You can check our currently deployed COPM contracts by clicking here.

Multi-signature Wallets

To enhance security, administrative functions in our smart contracts are controlled by multisignature wallets, regardless of the blockchain platform. This means that multiple trusted individuals must collectively approve critical actions and changes, thereby eliminating the risk of single points of failure. The administrative functions we are able to perform include minting, burning, freezing, and pausing the token, as well as performing upgrades to the contracts.

Contract Upgrades

In the event of necessary upgrades or improvements to the smart contract, we have the ability to upgrade our smart contracts. Any upgrades to the contracts will be carefully planned and informed to the community in a timely and transparent manner.